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Restaurant CEBEREVER is located in the very heart of Moscow, in the pedestrian area of the historical disctict of the Moscow River Valley – Zamoskvorechyee (literally: beyond the Moscow River), within a minute walk from the Novokuznetskaya metro station. In the Restaurant menu there are both traditional dishes such as dumplings and patties, meat jellies and chowders, and novelties made of fresh local ingredients, in order to provide a fresh look at the national cuisine of the multiple peoples populating this vast land called Russia.

For most of the world Russia is a northern land covered with ice and snow – we are glad to prove it with reindeer and bear meat, Siberian muxun fish and nerka salmon, cod from Murmansk and crab meat from Kamchatka. Besides, it can be warm and even hot here – there is always in the menu fresh sterlet from Astrakhan and mutton from Kalmyck steppe.

We will be pleased to welcome You, Your friends, colleagues, and partners!